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Below are just a few examples of some of the experiences others have had with Jo De Raman:



“You are amazing. I can't even put it in the right words. What you do is so different than anyone else I've ever come across. I know that sounds weird, but I get the sense that you have committed to allowing yourself to be used as a vessel.” – Joanna C.


“It's nice to connect with someone that has similar feelings and beliefs. I went through all of your website and found it to be great information. Loved watching your story! I'm very happy that you never gave up through all that you went through because if you had you wouldn't have talked to me today. Thank you!! Looking forward to talking with you again soon!” – Pam T.


"If any of you are lucky enough to come into contact with this incredible woman, know that you have a higher purpose/calling. I felt compelled to reach out to this spectacular woman and so I did. I figured I'd never hear back. Not only did I hear back from Jo De, instantly, I felt as though I was talking in my own home to my best friend. Jo De spent more time than she needed to talking to me about my endless problems and concerns. She is heaven sent and that is no joke. Please..welcome her into your life. You will not regret it..." - Jaime C.


"I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I've received all of your emails and GREATLY appreciate your time and thoughts today. I spent about 45 minutes talking to my boyfriend afterwards and think he would also benefit greatly in speaking with you. I'm off the next two days and intend on answering all of your questions first thing. Thanks again!" - (anonymous)


“Thank you Jo De for all of your input tonight. Powerful to say the least! Blessings to you. I wish you the best!!” – P. Turner


"You truly have a mastery level of understanding of people’s needs, and how each affect one another. All in all - you have given me my confidence back to pursue the next level! This goes beyond a service - you have built a relationship that has understood me as a person, and created a product which will brand and market me to future employers, which makes me the hunted and not the hunter.

A word to future customers - as a seasoned leader with 13 years management experience - you need to continue to grow and develop yourself. Never get too comfortable. Jo De will extract deeply rooted causes of your behavior, and derive the best solution. Jo De's service is the most accumulative and versatile assistance one can gain - flat out! I can't say thank you enough!" - F. Cosby

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