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Jo De Raman is a successful author, clairaudient spiritual healer, intuitive healer, spiritual medium, ordained minister, entrepreneur, philanthrapist, and humanitarian.

She is a leading authority on spiritual and holistic wellness and how to stay balanced across mind, body, and spirit.

She has dedicated her entire life to discovering the best possible holistic solutions to life's issues so she can help as many as she possibly can live a balanced, fulfilled life full of peace and wellbeing.

She is the creator of her very own wellness system called Ramanetics.


Her Journey

Jo De Raman has always felt like she was put here for a special and unique purpose.She taught herself to read when she was only 3 years old by watching Sesame Street. By the time she was in kindergarten, she was already on a sixth grade reading level.

The teachers eventually called home and told her parents how disruptive she was in class. Her father noted that she was highly intuitive and was very bored in class.So, the teachers started giving her more responsibility, like having her read to the class instead of them, and having her do special assignments for the principals during the day to keep her busy and challenged.

She taught herself how to play piano starting at the age of 5. Every Sunday after Sunday School during church service she would stay upstairs and teach herself how to play using the church hymnals and a beginner's music theory book.When her mother tried to pay for piano lessons for her when she was 14 years old, after only a few short weeks the teacher told her mother she was wasting her money because she already knew how to play.

Jo De Raman has had an unwavering faith since she was very little and first understood the concept of God, or a creator of a universe.She was brought up in a Christian home and attended a Southern Baptist church three times a week every week until she moved out on her own at 17 before she even finished high school.She was baptized voluntarily at the young age of 11, along with several others on Easter sunday.

She started playing piano for her Sunday School class at 8 years old and started singing in the youth choir.She became an intregal part of the church, becoming a substitute piano player and organist for worship service and singing in the choir. She felt so absolutely alive, like she was serving her purpose!

At the beginning of her 4th grade school year, she was chosen out of only two children in the entire school to attend the Talented & Gifted (TAG) program for children who had shown tremendous intuitive abilities.She would remain a part of this program throughout middle school. High schools did not offer TAG. That was when she took a nose dive.

When high school started, she was expected to hold her own in what felt to her like a foreign place since she knew no one and didn't have the TAG network of friends she had known previously. Her lifeline was gone.Everywhere she tried to fit in she was rejected.Even the friends she had during middle school outside of the TAG program started to turn away from her.She felt completely rejected and alone.

She knew she was great at singing and piano, so she just naturally ventured that way. In her freshman year of high school, she tried out for All Regional choir, and out of the entire county, she was selected as one of the top 200 vocalists...She also won with the highest score, a 198 out of a possible 200. She would make All Regional choir all four years throughout high school. Her softmore year, she was chosen as one of only 12 vocalists to be in the select elite group. She would stay throughout her senior year.

Throughout all of this, she found herself in this vicious cycle where she just kept doing anything she could to try to attach to anyone in an attempt to be heard or loved by anyone..including her family. She couldn't understand why she never fit in. The harder she tried the more she got rejected. Every attachment leading to more and more pain when it ended. Each one a bit different than the last, but the theme always ended the same way...a strong fear of isolation and abandonment. The more she feared it, the more she created it for herself.

Since she had such a hard time relating to anyone she would find herself in environments where she could dive into constructive vices...her work. She had always been recognized by her teachers for her outstanding achievements but seemingly ignored by everyone else, so she just started pushing in that direction. Instead of worrying about what her friends ad family thought about her, she pushed herself to be noticed by her bosses at work instead.

She started her first job at 16 and instantly fell in love with the responsibility. Within a few short months she was a floor supervisor, managing the night staff and ordering inventory for the entire store. All this while completing high school. She pushed herself to complete high school just so she wouldn't have to say she quit. She tried to go to college for a few semesters but got completely bored, feeling like she was wasting herself just sitting there every day. So she kept pushing herself at work; sometimes working up to three jobs at a time.

Every job she took, she would either get promoted very quickly (typically within a couple weeks), or get so completely bored with what she was doing that she had no choice but to look elsewhere for something more challenging.

In the middle of all this Jo De Raman struggled with a very debilitating disease called endometriosis/PCOS that she discovered when she was 18 when a golf ball sized tumor ruptured while she was working. She had to have emergency surgery.

She would spend the next 18+years of her life trying to rid herself of the chronic, debilitating, excrutiating pain and embarrassment that only a woman who suffers with this disease can truly understand. Her doctors put her on a very toxic cocktail of birth control pills, male hormone pills, and very strong pain killers, including Vicadin, Percacet, and Codeine. She was 19 years old....

By the time it was all said and done she would have 3 surgeries and be put on 14 different birth control pills, 4 different male hormone pills, a very dangerous experimental drug called Lupron that put her in menopause at 22 years old and very large doses of very addictive pain killers. Every time a bottle would run out, she would simply call them and they would refill it. This all started in 1989.

In 2005, she finally took matters into her own hands and became a certified holistic nutritional counselor. Within 8 weeks of implementing her self-created holistic wellness program, she lost 45 pounds and every single one of her endometriosis/PCOS symptoms were gone! Every single one! She had put her disease into remission where it has stayed to this day...using no chemicals and having not one surgery. It was all simply understanding herself across mind, body, and spirit.

She had wanted to continue going the way of intuitive healing and holistic wellness then, but God took her in a different direction, leading her into another long round of much higher level job opportunities. She spent over 20 years as an accountant working for some of the largest Fortune-500 firms in the world, such as Wells Fargo (twice), SunTrust, and Santander.

She would eventually become one of the lead project managers on the third largest banking migration in world history when Sovereign merged with Santander Bank in 2012, where she was directly responsible for managing all of the data integrity between all of the financial systems, as well as building a team of business analysts to work with her as part of the solution network, and being recommended by the CFO of Sovereign Bank to champion the entire change management effort over the Director of Change Management of Santander Bank ....all with no college degree.

On December 13, 2011, she received a call right after a very important high level stakeholder meeting that her best friend had died in his sleep.She was crushed. He had basically been her wingman for the past few years, one of the only true friends she felt she had ever really known, helping her cope with everything life kept throwing at her.

She stood in a steaming hot shower that night, banging her forehead repeatedly on the side of the shower stall in her apartment. She just kept saying, "OK. You won. I have lost my faith. You have finally thrown the test at me that I cannot deal with."

A few moments later, while she was still in the shower, her phone rang. She got out and answered it. It was one of the very few acquaintenance friends she had that she was connected to through her best friend. She was calling to tell her about the funeral arrangements. While her friend had her on the phone, her friend told her that she had observed that she had always been very strong in her faith and to never let anything take that from her, that Phil (Jo De's best friend) would not have wanted that for her. Jo De felt that was God speaking right to her telling her to lift her head up and keep pushing.

A few short months later, in May 2012, she went home sensing something didn't feel right. For some reason she had sensed the next day would be her last day at her job. She couldn't really get a good sense of why since she had just been onboarded the previous week. Nonetheless, she cleared everything off of her work laptop and cell phone to prepare for what she felt would happen the next day.

The next day, she went to each of her team members, the ones she had hired and trained, and thanked them for everything, letting each of them know she would miss them. She did the same with the high level stakeholders who had held her in such high esteem for her successful project efforts, all of whom said the bank would be absolutely crazy to let her go.

At the end of that day, her boss met her in his office and shut the door. She noticed he was having a very hard time speaking, so she just gently pushed the cleared off laptop and phone across her desk to him and said, "It's okay. I already knew."

He replied,"How could you possibly have known?"

She said, "I am not quite sure. Something inside just told me."

Even though she was offered a severeign's package proving that she was not let go for anything she did wrong, she still felt deflated. She felt like she had finally made it to where she was supposed to be and had pushed so hard.She had gone from being onboarded as a member of senior management at one of the largest banks in the world, to being laid off... All within a week.

She had lost her best friend and the best job she had ever had all within five months.

Everywhere she went she felt rejected and abandoned. Every single opportunity, the same thing happened. Friends, jobs, opportunities...all eventually just went away. No matter how hard she pushed.

All of this determination towards her career definitely took its toll on her personal relationships. But she wouldn't realize until later in life that the reason her family life struggled so much was because she had been wired at a very young age to push as hard as she could. It was all she knew. It had started at just 3 years old.

After her friend died in December, she took a vacation to Sarasota, FL the week of Christmas. That was the first time she truly knew...

While walking on the beach, she heard them speak to her for the first time...this gentle whispering in her right ear. Asking her to stay with the life partner she was currently with even though each day seemed like a constant struggle...Even though just like every other time in the past, she feared she would wind up being separated from yet one more person she loved.She agreed to stay with him and life took them to Harrisburg, PA, where they have resided together since 2013. They were married May 2, 2014.

March 2014, she had a wisdom tooth break that caused so much agony she had no choice but to go to a dentist to have an emergency tooth extraction. A week later, March 21, 2014, during Spring equinox, she became fully awake in spirit. She instantly became aware of her higher self. All three parts of the whole were connected.

She started seeing floating holograms while she was awake that she could put her hands through. She started seeing spirit appear in the clouds, in pictures, in curtains, and even in the floor tiles. She could hear the voices speaking to her in her right ear again...only this time it was very vivid. She was instantly led to understand how she truly felt in her heart...her belief system instantly changed. It felt as if a veil had been lifted off revealing an entire other side of who she was.

Every single day these voices continue to guide her through her day...teaching her how to live a much more fulfilling journey...teaching her how to make use from all of the hurt and anguish she has endured...teaching her how to let go of it all...that it had finally served its purpose...that it was finally time to let it all go and move on towards a much brighter future.

She has totally vetted these voices to know they come from a very good place. She feels they are from God.They have taught her about living life to the fullest in every single moment of every single day.They have taught her numerology, fragments across every spiritual belief system, and how to understand life in a very different way than she did before. She has direct access to "ancient wisdom," but it comes to her straight through the voices in her head.

Every day since Spring Equinox 2014, has continued to reveal a new set of breadcrumb trails, revealing another part of who she is and why she has been sent here. She has been on that scavenger hunt ever since.

On April 27, 2015, Jo De Raman became an ordained minister. It was the happiest day of her life.She realized that day when God called her to the ministry that was when she felt most at home. That was when she knew she was finally living her purpose doing what God was calling her to do.

Ever since then, she has devoted her life to being a faithful servant to God in the truest sense. As a spiritual healer and Divine channel helping as many as she possibly can to walk an upright walk with God and the promise of brighter days ahead in their hearts.

She has been a guest speaker on several podcasts, as well as a speaker in front of several small groups.She is being guided to provide a resource library and private coaching to those who feel they could use some inspiration in their walk. She does not preach in a church. She does not believe in dogma of any kind, feeling it is way too restrictive to who she is and what she knows now.

She accepts everyone with no judgments, choosing to see them as who they are meant to be for her at that very moment when she is meant to connect with them. Each person brought to her is meant to shine some of God's light on her, the same as she is meant to do for others. She is a willing teacher and student, fully understanding that God uses each of us as needed to serve His purpose in our daily walk.

She is here for your inspiration. She is here to teach you what she has been guided to understand.  She understands what her purpose is now and intends to fly with the eagles soaring high up in the clouds where she feels at home.

"Receive with the intention of sharing; believe so that others may believe by watching your faithful deeds in action." - Jo De Raman

"If you are being rejected by the flock of birds you've been flying with, then you are flying with the wrong flock of birds. Fly higher." - Jo De Raman

 "When the actions of others no longer matter, then you will have succeeded within your own mind." - Jo De Raman


About The Company

Jo De Raman Artwork, LLC is a privately owned company headed by a management team with over 50 years of combined experience in client relations, strategic marketing, automations engineering, accounting, business analysis, and project management across a wide range of business cultures on a very diverse and global scale. Despite very rapid growth in an ever changing world, we have remained committed, driven, and focused on being on the cutting edge of designing, developing, and launching highly unique and successful business models.

We specialize in offering a highly unique business model that focuses on a customer centric, consumer enriched experience. Ultimately, at the end of the day, it isn’t about what you do…it’s about how you do it. We are committed to relationships built on integrity, character, loyalty, accountability, and responsibility. We truly are here for you.



Our goal is to provide, support, and expand all areas of humanitarian outreach that we possibly can. All proceeds from the sales of the products being purchased will go directly to our cause to uplift as many into the Light of the Creator as we possibly can. Despite all of our many differences, regardless of what they may be, we all need to learn more tolerance, love, and respect for all life forms. It is our commitment to contribute however and wherever we can to see this become a reality. A place of peace can be ours…if we simply want it badly enough and love ourselves enough to get it by establishing healthy boundaries in a respectful way.


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